Frequently Asked Q&A

Mission Statement

Farm Estar was created to solve the problems a lot of local farmers face, produce and product waste. We noticed that a lot of people aren’t even aware of the number of farms around them. With Farm Estar, farmers and consumers are connected in a one stop hub. Farmers can register for an account and be able to create their own “virtual farm stand.” Consumers can then be connected to all nearby farms using GPS location. Farm Estar is always open. We are the farmers market that never shuts down! No more waiting for the one day that the farmers market is open, you can now order farm fresh produce and products easily at anytime, and anywhere.

Questions Farmers have.

What kind of farmers are allowed?

Farm Estar is available to backyard farms all the way to multi-acre farms. If you’re a farmer of ANY size, Farm Estar is for you.

How much will I be charged?

Farm Estar charges farmers 10% of what they make selling through the app.

What kind of products can be sold?

Anything made on your farm can be sold on Farm Estar. Got birdhouses? Post ’em! Got produce? Post ’em! We are the future farmers market.

How do I receive payments?

You can choose to have a check mailed or to have us do an ACH.

Do I deliver the products?

You may deliver yourself, but the default way would be the customer picking up directly from your farm or if you have a pickup location. A delivery service will be coming soon…

Is there a premium membership?

Not currently available, but will be soon. It is a monthly paid subscription for semi-professional to professional farmers. This service will allow you to announce your location (if you’re at a farmers market, event, etc.). Other benefits will include: adding own pictures of products, ability to do fire sales, and you will also have “Featured Farm” account on Farm Estar.

Questions Consumers have.

How do I locate farms?

Farmers who are registered will have their location with their profile. Using a GPS based program it will locate all of the farms that are nearby.

Does it cost me anything to create an account?

If you’re just using the app to shop, it is completely free. There is only a fee if you are registered and selling as a farmer.

Is there an order limit?

There is no order limit! Need just enough corn for dinner? No biggie. Need a whole car load? Even better!

What kind of payment is available?

Credit card transactions only. No check or cash payments.

Where is this available?

We are currently available in all of the United States. We will be in Canada soon…

How do I pick up my purchase?

You can pick up your purchase right from the farm during their operating hours. Which is set up per individual farm. Delivery will be coming soon…

Is the app available on my phone?

Farm Estar is available on both the App Store and the google Play store.

If you have any other questions feel free to message us at