Invention out Necessity

Invention out Necessity

Sonny Singh loves attending his local farmers market, but was missing the opportunity due to his work running a restaurant. 

“As an occupied working person, I’m not always able to make it to the local farmers markets. Knowing other people must have the same problem, the idea for Farm Estar was born. I wanted farmers and consumers to have the ability to reap the benefits of farmers markets regardless of their time limits, geography or financial situation” says Sonny.

Launched this year, Farm Estar is an app that helps facilitate direct sales relationships between farmers and consumers. The app seeks to forge relationships between growers and consumers and build a stronger local food community where farm businesses are viable and consumers have access to healthy local food. Farmers list their own products on Farm Estar and consumers are able to view and shop from all the farm products near them. Purchases are coordinated directly with the farmer and picked up at the farm. 

Farmers appreciate the app for the time it saves them. 

“I’d love to go to farmers markets and sell more stuff, but I don’t have time because I need to be here (at the farm). Plus, it costs money to have a stand at a farmers market. With Farm Estar, there is no cost involved and I can sell products right from the farm.” say Gary W., a first generation farmer .

Consumers also appreciate Farm Estar’s easy to use platform and free service. 

Farm Estar is free for consumers to use and register to. There are no service fees at payment. Consumers can join Farm Estar by downloading the app from their app store, then upon opening the app follow the “consumer” option. They are then able to see what foods are available near them.

We are currently running a special lasting all of 2020, giving farmers free registration as well as 60 days of a 0% transaction fee. We offer several packages from gardeners to custom packages for large farms selling in bulk. Farmers can join Farm Estar by downloading the app from their app store, then upon opening the app follow the “farmer” option. After selecting farmer, the farmer will have to go through seting up their own digital farmstand. This includes days and times they are available, what they have for sale, where they are located, and entering pictures for their farm and products.

What Farm Estar accomplishes:

  • Gives farmers access to a new market
  • Serves as free advertising for farmers
  • Reduces the need for farmers to have to spend the time and energy marketing their products at farmers markets
  • Reduces COVID-19 risks by allowing farmers and consumers to meet outside of busy farmers markets, as well as eliminating the need for physical payment since payment is made on the app
  • Eliminates environmental toll of long-distance transportation and refrigeration
  • Provides consumers access to local farms, which often have fewer pesticides, no preservatives, and are freshly picked
  • Encourages consumers to have a well-balanced diet
  • Purchases through Farm Estar keep money in the local economy, especially since local farmers are 3x more likely to make more local purchases compared to large industrial farms
  • Generates more farm jobs in your community
  • Allows consumers to meet local farmers and learn exactly where their food comes from and what is in it

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